Stress Relief and Weld Conditioning
The Most Advanced Stress Relief on the Planet


This is a sample of the hundreds of Government Components that have used
Meta-Lax Stress Relief and/or Meta-Lax Weld Conditioning

NASA and Air Force

  • Nose Cone for Space Shuttle
  • Rocket Booster Forgings for Space Shuttle
  • Landing Gears for Space Shuttle
  • Wheels for Space Shuttle
  • Life Boat Mount for Space Station
  • Battery Cells for Galileo Space Probe
  • Key Components for Hubble Space Telescope
  • Fresnel Lens System
  • 25-degree Longeron
  • Wing Flaps
  • Housings for Cruise Missiles
  • Gun Handling Adapters for F/A-18
  • Landing Gears for F/A-18
  • Landing Gears for A-10 Warthog
  • KC-135 Engine Trailers
  • Cockpit Frame for Apache Helicopter
  • Camera Mounts for Satellites
  • Cooling Chambers for Satellites


  • Torpedo Trays for Submarines
  • Water Jackets for Submarines
  • Fairwaters for Submarines
  • Guidance Gyros for Submarines
  • Catapult Launchers for Aircraft Carriers
  • Aircraft Elevators for Aircraft Carriers
  • Jet Blast Deflectors for Aircraft Carriers
  • Track Channels for Aircraft Carriers
  • Cargo Boom for Ship
  • Torque Tube for Ship
  • Tail Shaft for Ship
  • Mine Sweeper Components
  • Water Brake Cylinders
  • Launch Valve Cylinders
  • Coast Guard Ice Breakers
  • Primary Engine Foundations


  • 120 mm Mortars
  • Rock and Diggers
  • Gun Mount Cradle
  • Attitude Control System for Missiles
  • A-Frame for Munitions Transport
  • Body Buffers

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