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Console Choices  

 Series 2401

  • Touch Screen Controls with Graphic Certification
  • Performs Semi-Automatic Stress Relief
    & Weld Conditioning
  • 7" high def color touch screen control panel
  • Graphic and Manual Certification
  • Saves data on a flash drive for printing certification
  • Three languages; English, French, and Spanish
Series 2400 Spec Sheet

Series 2001

  • Features Manual Certification
  • Lowest cost Meta-Lax System 
  • Performs Manual Stress Relief & Weld Conditioning
  • 5" color touch screen control panel
  • Three languages; English, French, and Spanish
Series 2000 Spec Sheet
Force Inducer Choices  



60 - 500 lbs.
(27-115 kg)

up to 7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)

100 - 20,000 lbs.
(55-9000 kg)

150 - 40,000 lbs.
(70-18,160 kg)

20,000 lbs.+
(9,080+ kg)

Note1: All Force Inducers can stress relieve and weld condition parts smaller than their minimum work load, as long as each part is clamped onto other parts, or to a vibration platform, to bring the total weight into the Force Inducer's load range.  

Note2: In Meta-Lax treating of extremely rigid work pieces, like molds, reduce Force Inducer's load capacity by 50%.


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